Anticipate, be informed everywhere in the world and reduce the consequences of extreme climate events.


PREDICT Services offers assistance for the diagnosis and optimization of your preventive organization. Organize crisis management, inform and protect the population and your territories against major risks are our quintessence.

Our teams support you from diagnosis, design or improvement of your tools and organizations, training/exercise, to the implementation of your system. We provide you a methodology to continuously improve your device, according to your needs in autonomy.

At the end of this process, you and your teams are ready to manage the risks likely to impact your territory and your fellow citizens shall know the behavior to adopted!


The analysis and supervision tools that we design are tailored to support you in your risk analysis and crisis management missions, whether in a local scale (territory or city) or regional scale (region or country). They allow you to be informed and warned, manage your tools and interact with your teams, your territory, your decentralized services. We can provide you with interactive web-platforms, e.g.: Wiki-Predict, a plug-in free website with the purpose of crossing hydrometeorological risks and cartographic information, or with 3D software for analyzing hydrometeorological phenomena, e.g.: Predict Observer®.

Full web or software solution, our tools allow you to oversee and manage risks from your crisis management center.