Founded in 2006 in Montpellier after major floods in Nîmes in 1988, Aude in 1999 and Gard in 2002, PREDICT Services was born from the will of our C.E.O. Alix Roumagnac, supported by Météo-France, Airbus DS Geo SA and BRL, to provide to people of areas threatened by climate risks with integrated and personalized assistance in the management of these phenomena (floods, storms, storm surge, heavy snowfalls, heat waves, cold waves, cyclones or typhoons, etc.).

Combining cutting-edge technologies and human expertise, PREDICT Services offers high-performance solutions that are subject to continuous innovation and improvement. R&D and innovation are written in our DNA and have led us to develop products and services linking spatial, meteorology, hydraulics, and hydrology, to the most advanced analysis and communication tools.

The solutions we have developed combine preventive organization and precise climate risk analysis tools (anticipation and management) with warning dissemination and decision-making support systems.

Initially designed to meet the requests of local authorities, the solutions were easily adapted to businesses and citizens in France and abroad.

In a context where the need for resilience devices to cope with climatic hazards continues to grow all over the world, PREDICT Services is actively working on the solutions of tomorrow. Particularly committed to the modernization of early warning systems for the protection of people and society, PREDICT Services transfer its know-how, methods and tools to the institutional stakeholders of the countries in which it works.



Our team is made of engineers on management of natural and climatic risks, cartographers, hydrologists, statisticians, geomatics engineers, doctors in hydrogeomorphology, communicators, etc.

Passionate, invested in our missions, we support you in the design or continuous improvement of your preventive, risk management and alert systems.

Day and night, we permanently ensure a watch over the territories, an analyze of forecast and observation data to deliver expertise and a decision-making support to the risk managers with whom we collaborate for the safeguard of the territories, citizens and economic activities.

Our commitment: Inform, support and allow you to act serenely.


« Regarding the risks and the current climate change which accentuates them, the awareness, the organization, the innovation and the commitment of all are the keys to safeguard our future. ».

Alix Roumagnac, C.E.O of PREDICT Services.

PLACE solidarity, humanity and the environment at the heart of our action and our concerns;

AIMING for excellence, by embedding cutting-edge technologies, innovation and creativity in our organization;

ASSIST society and organizations in their mission to adapt to risks;

RESPECT and ensure respect for ethics and integrity inherent in our company's civic missions;

WORK for the resilience, safeguard and security of people, territories and goods;

COMMIT to implementing an fair economic model ensuring the reliability of the access to our services;

RAISE AWARENESS of the environmental issues essential for sustainable development and the adaptation of behaviors;

BUILD UP trust, readiness, closeness, commitment and solidarity with our employees, our users and our collaborators;

FOSTER listening, advices and assistance to support serene and responsible decision-making;

PROMOTE a working atmosphere combining passion, dynamism, enthusiasm, professionalism and well-being;

CONTRIBUTE to decrease the impact of risky events through expertise, information, exchange (particularly with the media), sharing and education;

INSPIRE our partners to adhere to our values and contribute to our commitments.


Airbus Defense & Space develops satellite services in the field of telecommunications, geo-information and navigation and participates in the Galileo program.

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BRL is the development company of Lower Rhône and Languedoc regions. BRL is responsible for a general mission of water control and rural development in the lower Rhone Valley and Languedoc-Roussillon.

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Météo-France is the French meteorological organization. It is responsible for forecasting and studying meteorological phenomena as well as issuing meteorological warnings.

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