Launch of the “Rainfall-Floodind” campaign on the Mediterranean region.

The French Ministry of Ecology and Energy, with the support of the French Ministry of the Interior and Overseas Departments and Territories, has launched the 8th annual Rain-Flood campaign for the Mediterranean region, an area particularly exposed to intense rainfall and flooding.

To help you cope with these dangerous phenomena, we invite you to read the instructions for protecting yourself, your loved ones and your property at “

Let’s be prepared for major risks!

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Presentation of the Gade Lapli Project at the Spatial Climate Observatory Congress

Invited by CNES (Centre National d’Etude Spatial) to the Spatial Climate Observatory Congress on May 30, 2023 at Bercy, Predict presented the Gade Lapli project. This project provides indicators and services using satellite data to estimate rainfall and flood areas. Tested on the highly vulnerable territory of Haiti, the operational objective (warning, crisis management) also serves to understand climate change by identifying and characterizing extreme events.