Understanding Risk Global Forum

On June 21, at the Understanding Risk Global Forum (UR24), a conference on risks organized by the World Bank, Predict, represented by Alix Roumagnac and Karine Moreau, led an interactive session dedicated to risk management, the use of satellite data and early warning systems.

Speech by Alix Roumagnac and Karine Moreau

Participants from Fiji Islands, Indonesia, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Ghana, Australia, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sierra Leone contributed to understanding the potential contribution of space to risk management and early warning in these countries.

Virtual presentation de Predict Services

The presentation of the Gobeyond project and the EW4MED platform caught everyone’s attention as a solution capable of aggregating the functions and data needed for early warning and action. Dates have been set for further discussions.

Launch of the “Rainfall-Floodind” campaign on the Mediterranean region.

The French Ministry of Ecology and Energy, with the support of the French Ministry of the Interior and Overseas Departments and Territories, has launched the 8th annual Rain-Flood campaign for the Mediterranean region, an area particularly exposed to intense rainfall and flooding.

To help you cope with these dangerous phenomena, we invite you to read the instructions for protecting yourself, your loved ones and your property at “pluie-inondation.gouv.fr

Let’s be prepared for major risks!

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