December, 2021

Predict Innove, a meeting place at the heart of R&D in the face of climate risks

Predict Innove, a meeting place at the heart of R&D in the face of climate risks

"Faced with risks, innovate to adapt and mitigate"

Organized on Tuesday, December 14, the 4th edition of the annual PREDICT INNOVE event was held this year in a 100% digital version.

The objective: to bring together the community of risk management stakeholders in order to promote exchanges, present the latest innovations and collectively design new solutions to continually improve safety and crisis management. As every year, elected officials, local authorities, companies, insurers, representatives of international bodies, civil security services and researchers met to feed their thoughts, share feedback, improve their collaboration and give birth to new projects. The exchanges, which focused on three main themes – collaboration of territories and crisis management, communication strategy, platform ergonomics – are accessible in replay on Youtube.

2021 has demonstrated once again: in the face of climate disruption, adapting and mitigating are now essential to preserve territories and populations from natural risks. Whether in France or internationally, existing tools must be improved, projects must be advanced and new ones must be launched to expand the range of responses available to decision-makers. To help them face these challenges, the crisis management solutions developed by Predict are being perfected, and the new solutions resulting from this 4th edition will make it possible to further improve the anticipation and management of risk phenomena by 2022.