October, 2023

Official launch of the Gobeyond project

Official launch of the Gobeyond project

On 18 October, Predict officially launched the Gobeyond project, led by the University of Catalonia and supported by the European Union.

Gobeyond (GeO and weather multi-hazard impact Based Early warning and response systems supporting rapid deploYment of first respONders in EU and beyonD) is part of the drive to implement a global early warning system as called for by the UN and the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO).

The aim of the 4-year project is to design and make available a platform for anticipating and managing the impacts of hydrometeorological and geological hazards, with a view to continuously improving the operational response.

Adapted to the needs of European and Mediterranean territories, it will be tested on several pilot sites in these areas in order to improve anticipation and operational management capabilities.

One of Predict’s missions will be to develop this platform for the Mediterranean region, whose territories are particularly sensitive to the risks posed by climate change.